Revisiting Galleries of Stone

Just last week, I stumbled across a piece of art that I never added to the story art galleries here. It made me miss Tupper and the rest of the cast of Galleries of Stone. And then, Lynda Freeman posted about my story on her blog. So let’s revisit the legendary Moonlit Mountain with a book review and art of Tupper Meadowsweet!

“…an amazing story which captures the imagination
and leaves you so you just have to keep reading!”

Tupper by inilga

This is my blurb from the story’s Media Page… With Galleries of Stone, Christa Kinde has undertaken the monumental task of telling a story for one year. She’s building an adventure from scratch, right before the reader’s eyes. Daily installments are set in a world where magical mountains are entrusted to master sculptors like Freydolf, a banished Pred. As his new servant Tupper learns more about what lies beyond the small Flox village in the grey mountain’s foothills, so does the reader—faraway lands, diverse races, unique customs, long histories, and new possibilities.

In her blog post, Lynda Freeman says, “The story is unexpected, interesting and for me it is fun to see how Christa works the ‘word of the day’ into each day’s chapter! I’m a writer, but the very idea of taking a year to write a story which you add to each day based on the word of the day is one which leaves me beyond impressed!”

If you’d like to read Galleries of Stone for yourself, this completed story begins here…
Galleries of Stone, Chapter 1: Alone Again >>

If you’d like to read Lynda Freeman’s review in its entirety, you can find it here…
Grandma’s Cookie Jar: A Gift – Galleries of Stone >>

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