Rough and Tumble, Chapter 138: Parental Stake-Out

Chapter 138: Parental Stake-Out

Someone had been snitching from the old-fashioned pie safe where Naomi kept Christmas goodies. The older kids protested their innocence, leaving one impossibility. “He’s two.” Jayce whispered. “There’s no way!”

Naomi shushed him as Zeke showed up in footie pajamas.

A stockpot for a step stool. A rat tail comb for a lock-pick. When the boy trotted from the room munching a gingerbread man, Ethan was startled by a low chuckle. Jayce exclaimed, “My son’s an evil genius!”

Naomi thumped his arm. “Don’t sound so proud!”

Still grinning, Jayce helped his wife up. “Let’s go end Zeke’s life of crime.”



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