In which I find myself in a cookie jar…

Authorial Endeavor #017. I’m feeling a little nostalgic this morning. When we moved into our first little house in Western Michigan, I was expecting my third child. Time flies, and boys grow. He’s a lanky teen of 6’5″ now, and our years of country living are fond memories that helped shape Prissie’s world. Very much to my delight, a friend from those years reconnected with me this week. Lynda Freeman hosts a family-friendly blog called Grandma’s Cookie Jar, and this week, she reviewed The Blue Door

Grandma's Cookie Jar

Just as grandma’s cookie jar should always be full of good things,
this blog will be full of good ideas, information, activities, and reviews
of things to help grandma—and grandpa, mom, and dad, too—
pass on a heritage of faith to the children in their lives!

Lynda’s blog is truly a celebration of the kinds of things that are dear to my heart: faith, family, and friendship. This week, she shares thoughts about me and my series, kicking things off with the tricky business of finding suitable stories for Christian children. She asks, “What options do you have to give them stories which are well written? Stories which will capture their imagination? Stories which they will want to read? Stories which will challenge and encourage their walk with God—which of course, is the most important thing?”

“Children will be challenged and encouraged…”

Grandma’s Cookie Jar is hosting a giveaway of signed copies of The Blue Door, and those who enter the drawing can also sign up to receive postcards of story art! Make sure to head over and read the whole article. And look forward to next week, when she’ll be reviewing The Hidden Deep and sharing an authorial interview! Look forward to it!

Grandma’s Cookie Jar – Book Review of The Blue Door >>

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