Rough and Tumble, Chapter 136: Day of Rest

Chapter 136: Day of Rest

On an autumn Sunday that was summer-warm, Jayce packed a lunch and led his lot into the orchard. The children ran ahead, shouting suggestions for picnic spots, and their Guardians followed, sketching lazy circles over the treetops.

Climbing trees. Running races. Playing catch. Telling stories.

Later, Ethan knelt beside Alpheus, who watched over naptime. Naomi snoozed on a soft, plaid blanket, Zeke tucked against one side, Jude on the other. Alpheus’s expression was peaceful, and he kept his voice low. “I like this kind of lull.”

“So do they,” Ethan replied, gazing fondly at Zeke’s rumpled repose. “We all do.”



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