The Week’s Accumulation xxxii

Wow. Is it really Friday already? I’m pretty sure I lost a couple days somewhere, but that tends to happen when I’m submerged in a story. I’ll hit that zone where everything around me fades in favor of the fictional world I’m creating, and hours can slip by without notice. Love that. It’s a good place to be. What little clutter I have this week is pretty fun. Wanna peek?

This week’s accumulation:
I’ve reached that can’t-sit-still stage of little-kid-excited about Zonderkidz’s upcoming release of a Threshold Series prequel. Although I don’t know the exact date, I’ve been told the illustrated short story will come about around the same time as The Hidden Deep (Apirl 23). All week, my desktop has been overflowing with illustrations because I get to do final checks and suggest tweaks to Anna Earley’s artwork. As a treat, here’s a peek at a sketch for Angels All Around’s cover!

Messing With Text blank

Angels All Around ♦ Angels and demons collide over West Edinton, a small town where not everyone is what they seem. In this companion story to the Threshold Series, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight.

This story takes readers back seven years to that providential summer day when West Edinton’s brand new mailman introduces himself to the little lady sitting in the gazebo alongside Main Street. What Prissie sees and what’s actually happening are two very different things. For Milo, the newly-grafted Messenger, it’s a lesson in trust that’s shared by Ethan, the beleaguered Guardian who’s Sent to their defense.

♦ Naturally, there’ll be a page for Angels All Around, which will appear under the Threshold Series tab as soon as everything is ready. It’ll have all the usual things: cover, summary, links, fun facts, reviews. Since the story is a crossover of sorts, blending familiar faces from the books with the angels of Rough and Tumble, I’ve also included a cast list, sketches, and art to help readers keep everyone straight. While getting everything ready, I added some new art that won’t show up until the page goes live. Unless I let you in on the links earlier. Which I shall!

Ethan_     Prissie     Defend the Light

♦ I’m up to my eyebrows in the final book of the Threshold Series, so of course… I’ve been distracted. For months now, I’ve known what my next book will be, and out of the blue, the main character started demanding my attention. I’ll be in the middle of writing a scene with Baird & Kester, and suddenly, I have to pull up another document and quickly jot down a snatch of dialogue or the rough outline for an action sequence. This isn’t overly vexing. I’ve always been the sort to juggle multiple stories. Reminds me of something Jerry B. Jenkins tweeted this last week: “People often ask if I fear I will run out of story ideas. The truth is I fear I don’t have enough years to write the ones I have.”

3-12-2013 11-44-11 AM♦ Do you like mail? I’m going to be on the road (well, in the air) again in May, so if you’d like postcards from my hometown, be sure to hop on my mailing list! I’m also in the process of getting cards printed for Book 2: The Hidden Deep, and there’ll be one for Angels All Around, too. For more information about having my characters show up in your mailbox, follow this link. I’d love to hear from you!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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