Rough and Tumble, Chapter 130: Need for Speed

Chapter 130: Need for Speed

Ethan decided that Jayce and Naomi were far braver than he. Instead of trying to prevent their young son from feats of derring-do, they equipped him for more. The young guardian watched with considerable trepidation as Grandpa Pete wheeled Zeke’s final birthday present out from behind a stack of crates in the apple barn. Amidst cheers and encouragement, the two-year-old clambered aboard. Tad and Neil each grabbed the red trike’s handles and raced him across the cement floor.

Grandpa Pete beamed. “Keep him busy. That’s the trick.”

Naomi cuddled Jude close, smiling. “He’s so happy!”

Zeke chortled. “Faster! More faster!”



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