Rough and Tumble, Chapter 126: Carried Away

Chapter 126: Carried Away

Alpheus blinked back to consciousness, and Ethan smiled down at him. “On your feet, Guardian. Your time has come.”

Kin joined them, crouching beside his apprentice. Eyebrows quirking, he asked, “Ready?”

“I thought so, but I’m no longer sure,” Alpheus confessed.

In the end, Othniel and Taweel had to carry their teammate as they chased Jayce’s minivan toward the highway and the hospital.

Ethan nudged Conrad. “Was I that nervous?”

“Knock-kneed and crumple-winged,” his mentor assured. “No Guardian can keep his composure when meeting the one he was created to love.”

“Then this is as it should be?”

“Every time.”



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