Rough and Tumble, Chapter 123: Head for the Halls

Chapter 123: Head for the Halls

On Sunday morning, Zeke escaped the church nursery, making a beeline for the back stairs. Ethan gave chase, but thankfully, his charge didn’t make it far. “Well, well!” Milo sat on the top step, hands open. “Can you climb?”

Zeke thumped his way up to the mailman.

“Remember me?”

Stretching high, Zeke grabbed Milo’s nose.

He obliged with a cheerful, “Honk!”

The boy was all smiles when Milo scooped him up, saying, “Let’s go find your daddy before Ethan flutters to bits.”

Ethan trailed after them. “Thank you, Milo.”

The Messenger’s voice reached gently into his mind. “Any time, friend.”



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