Rough and Tumble, Chapter 115: The Brush of Angels’ Wings

Chapter 115: The Brush of Angels’ Wings

Ethan cringed inwardly as Zeke hip-hopped down the snowy porch steps, but they posed no real difficulty. However, the moment the toddler’s boot hit the front sidewalk, shimmering wings knocked him onto his well-padded rump and sent him spinning. Ethan gawked at the culprits.

“No harm done,” Lucan soothed.

“He’s fine,” promised Jomei.

Lucan nodded at the door. “More importantly, so is Naomi.”

Ethan turned in time to see Jayce react to Zeke’s spill. Slipping an arm protectively around his wife’s waist and resting his other hand on the swell of her belly, he said, “Let’s not follow Zeke’s example.”



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