The Week’s Accumulation xxviii

Home Sweet Home! San Diego to Key West to San Diego—our epic cross-country road trip landed us back on the west coast, and we’ve just about settled into our usual routine. I love to wander, but home is best. This week’s clutter is a combination of writing news and travel-related loose ends. Feel free to take a gander!

The week’s accumulation:
♦ Maybe it’s the same for every writer, but wherever I go, I’m always spotting something that has to do with one of my stories. Case in point: the hand soap in our Orlando hotel room was “manna” scented (Scripture likens its flavor to honey and coriander, and that’s just what Crabtree & Evelyn is packaging these days). Omri would approve!

Regional Snacks♦ I’ve always been fascinated by regionally-specific foodstuffs. The basics (fruits, veggies, meat, etc) are the same, but some of y’all have some zany snacks. We spotted chicken-and-waffle-flavored potato chips in Florida. And in Texas, all the gas stations carried these pink hockey puck-shaped peanut brittle. I snapped pictures of a couple things we actually splurged on. The “crawtators” are from Louisiana, and the caramel cob is from New Mexico.

Bookstore Installation♦ This caught my eye on tumblr this week. Chris Cobb, a San Francisco-based artist, created this visually stunning installation in a bookstore. They were arranged by color over a 10-hour period by a group of volunteers. You can read more about it in this blog post. Books + Colors = ♥

♦ I slipped dozens of postcards into mailboxes while we were away, all stamped with dashing Hawaiian shirts… since I purchased a whole roll of them for just this sort of thing. Much to my chagrin, I learned that these were 32-cent stamps, and as of the end of January, the cost of sending postcards went up to 33 cents! As soon as possible, I dragged myself to the post office to offer my apologies and supplement my stash with several sheets of one-penny stamps, which I was delighted to discover feature stained glass—a prominent theme in the Threshold Series. “What could be more perfect?” said I. (See? Authors have one-track minds!) Then, the postal clerk brought out a roll of the brand, spankin’ new 33-cent postage stamps, and I made this embarrassing little gasp-gurgle-squeal sound. Bless the USPS. Bless God’s providence. And bless my heart. APPLES! The new postcard stamps feature varieties of apples!

♦ We’re sneaking closer to the release of my new short story. Angels All Around is a Threshold Series prequel that Zonderkidz will be publishing in digital format. It tells the whole story of what happened on the day that Prissie Pomeroy first met West Edinton’s new mailman. Here’s a teensy sneak peek of Anna Earley’s art for the story. All of the interior illustrations will be full-color, and they’re seriously amazing!


Brownie points if you can name these three angelic warriors! ♥

I continue to adore Pinterest as a creative resource. I’ve always loved quirky details, and that place is rich with the most vivid varieties. The beautiful photographs from every corner of the earth keep my imagination brimming. Characters. Settings. Architecture. Style. Bliss! If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out my boards for Prissie Pomeroy and for miscellaneous details from the whole Threshold Series.


So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


3 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xxviii

  1. Anonymous says:

    Your stories remind me of my own one-track mind. I’m constantly finding things amusing, and people who don’t know the plot line of my stories don’t get the joke. People who do know what I’m talking about are treasures indeed, they share my fun with me!


    • No worries. And I know just what you mean. My daughters and I will go through a shop and choose things off the rack. “Can’t you just see Baird in this?” Or we’ll stop into a bakery and decide who made the desserts on display: Jayce, Grandma Nell, or Auntie Lou. And we can’t look at amazing stoneworks anymore without whispering about Freydolf and speculating about how far Carden has come along.

      Our characters are real to us, and that’s okay. ♥


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