Rough and Tumble, Chapter 111: Temporary Measures

Chapter 111: Temporary Measures

Ethan eased into the corner as the children crowded in. “Zeke’s in a zoo?” asked Neil. “Can I try?”

Tad clambered onto the top bunk. “You’re too big for the crib.”

“Then let Beau try it. He’s still little.”

“Am not,” protested the six-year-old. But then he tugged at Jayce’s pantleg. “Can I, Daddy?”

Soon, the brothers shared the makeshift cage. Naomi dissolved into smiles as Beau tried to teach Zeke how to roar. “It’s not so bad. And it’s only temporary.”

Grandpa Pete chuckled. “He’ll outgrow the crib and be into new kinds of trouble before you know it!”



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