In which I show up in your mailbox…

Authorial Endeavor #014. I’ve always been fond of mail, mailboxes, postcards, letters, and the like. Perhaps that’s why a postal theme often crops up in my stories. Maybe I’m old-fashioned, but I love sending and receiving “real mail.” With that in mind, I thought I’d make a friendly little offer to readers. Do you like story art? Might a postcard brighten your day? Would you mind if one or two of my characters showed up in your mailbox?

I’ve created postcards for each of my books and short stories. At the moment, that means there’s one for The Blue Door, and there’s another for Rough and Tumble.

Two Postcards

Plans are in the works for a postcard for The Hidden Deep, the second book in the Threshold Series. There will also be a short story releasing soon called Angels All Around, and I’ve arranged with the illustrator for a little something extra that I can put on postcards! (Hint: It’ll feature a dashing, young mailman!)

3-12-2013 11-44-11 AMThere’s no real catch. All I need from you is an address. I will not hand over your name/address to anyone else. It’s safe and sound with me. Unless you specify otherwise, I would keep your information on a list for future postcard mailings. From time to time, especially when I travel, random people on my mailing list will receive postcards. Just for fun. Because I like fun. Let’s limit the story-related postcards to one of each kind per household. That means you can request one for each book and story for as long as supplies last. If I run out, I’ll update this page. I’m happy to mail these to you, your kids/grandkids, or a friend you’d like to tell about the series. If you’d like to be added to a virtual mailing list, I can do that as well. Every so often, I’d email to let you know when a short story is published or a book is releasing. Nothing spammish. Just 3-4 emails a year, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

To email me your address > christa dot kinde at gmail dot com

Postcards currently available…

The Blue Door, featuring Koji. Art: Prissie’s Treasure by Katie Hofgard
Rough and Tumble, featuring Conrad and Ethan. Art: Blade of a Master by Anna Earley


Angels All Around [a short prequel to the Threshold Series]
The Hidden Deep [Book 2 in the Threshold Series, releases April 23, 2013]

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