The Week’s Accumulation xxv

This week was what I like to call busy-in-the-inbox. Publishing seems to follow an unpredictable pattern of ebb and flow, where long lulls of silence are interspersed with tiny deluges when everything seems to happen at once. Since I’m pretty good at taking things in stride, this week’s been fun. A little crazy is good for the soul! Want to hear more about my week? Proceed!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ My desktop has a new row of documents begging for my attention. I’ll be writing media pitches for the various books in the Threshold Series this week! These involve a synopsis and character descriptions intended to pique the interest of television/film-makers.

♦ Photo references make up a big part of the clutter this week, largely due to the wonderfulness of Pinterest. I’ve now established “secret boards” for the private accumulation of art and photos related to stories I have in the works. Here’s a sampling. They’re images that have something to do with… hmm… three different tales!


♦ Several weeks back, I mentioned that I’ve written a short story that Zondervan would be releasing as a digital short. This e-release is nearing completion, and I’ve had sooo much fun this week working with the illustrator, Anna Earley. Her thumbnails and sketches are all over my desktop, making me happy. I’ll share publishing news on this Threshold side-story just as soon as I know more!

♦ I rearranged my story art gallery last weekend. The Gallery tab now takes you to an index page with sample art and preview images. Links lead you to the individual galleries, which are arranged by story. I like this set-up because I’ll soon be adding spoiler-ish images to the section for The Hidden Deep.

♦ Back to Pinterest for a moment. I broke down and established boards for each color. Because I’m an organizer. And a lover of colors. And a rabid collector. And… yeah. I’ve got no excuse. Does one need to justify fun?


♦ I did my first radio interview this week! Caroline from CHRI 99.1 Christian Radio in Ottawa, Canada chatted with me about The Blue Door, the rest of the Threshold Series, and Rough and Tumble. Despite my jitters, it was kinda fun. If they archive the interview online, I’ll let y’all know and link you up!

♦ Lastly, I’ll remind you about another media splash at Jean Book Nerd. Head on over to read the interview, read her review, and enter the giveaway! You have until Sunday, February 17 to enter for your chance to win a copy of The Blue Door. Spread the word!

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


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