Rough and Tumble, Chapter 97: Entertaining Angels

Chapter 97: Entertaining Angels

Although a new Graft, Milo did well juggling the visible and invisible. When Grandma Nell slid more fried chicken onto his plate, he exclaimed, “Thank you, ma’am. Everything’s delicious!”

Jayce passed potato rolls. “You fit right in around here.”

“Nice and snug,” Milo agreed with a laugh. With Neil crowding close on one side and Prissie on the other, he had to watch his elbows.

“You don’t mind?” Naomi checked.

“Not a bit. Thanks for extending hospitality to someone like me.”

“A newcomer?” Jayce asked.

“A neighbor,” added Naomi.

Milo said, “How about fellow servant.”

Jayce grinned. “How about friend?”



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