Rough and Tumble, Chapter 96: Prissie’s Prince

Chapter 96: Prissie’s Prince

Ethan tested his wings, slowly circling the barn. Glimpsing a splash of orange, he drifted down to where Tamaes leaned against a tree near the roadside. Moments later, seven-year-old Prissie skipped along the driveway and climbed onto the white plank fence behind the mailboxes.

“Does she come here often?” Ethan asked curiously.

“She does now.”


“Watch and see,” Tamaes suggested.

Within minutes, the new mailman arrived. “Good afternoon, Miss Priscilla. Here again today?”

Ethan whispered, “She wished to see Milo?”

Tamaes nodded. “He is her prince.”

As his bafflement increased, Ethan gave thanks that Zeke was not a girl.



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