Rough and Tumble, Chapter 95: A Man on the Inside

Chapter 95: A Man on the Inside

Jomei extended a hand. “Whether angel or human, you’re a welcome guest, Milo.”

Trumble chuckled. “You missed his point, Apprentice.”

“A Messenger is still a messenger, no matter his trappings,” Othniel said, scratching one bristling, red sideburn.

“And that presents an unusual opportunity,” agreed Trumble.

The assembled Guardians traded glances, and Milo spread his arms wide. “In a few days, I’ll talk to each of your charges. If there’s anything you want them to know, I’d be happy to bear your messages. Subtly, of course.”

Othniel’s gravely voice ended the stunned silence. “Compose yourselves. Compose your thoughts. Compose a message.”



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