The Week’s Accumulation xxiv

This week was unique in that I didn’t have anything due. Wide open spaces are hard to come by, and it’s far too easy to fritter them away. That’s where personal deadlines become important, and I imposed a few. I made significant progress on one short story this week, and I started writing a new book. All very exciting. All quite clutter-inducing. Want a peek at my mess? Read on!

This week’s accumulation:
♦ Since this counts for big news in my book, I’ll quickly point to yesterday’s post, In which I receive an advance copy…  It’s so exciting that the second installment of the Threshold Series will release soon (April 23, 2013). I can’t wait for folks to be able to read what’s next for Prissie and everyone else in West Edinton!

♦ Much of the clutter on my desktop falls into the category of photo references. I had time to play with my Pinterest account this week, adding new pins to my boards. I’m finding this a very useful place to collect images related to my stories. I even took advantage of the secret board feature to start collecting images for a story I have in the works. Make sure to check the Prissie Pomeroy board, which proves that long skirts and blonde braids aren’t so old-fashioned. And here’s a sampling from a board called Threshold Series – Misc.

Threshold Series snapshots

That could be a young Zeke, pulling along some of Grandpa Pete’s prized ducklings. And Tansy is the feline matriarch of the Pomeroys’ barn. Apple crates, candied apples, and egg-gathering all have their place in this series’ rural setting!

♦ I received the sweetest handmade card in the mail this week, a watercolor of Quintrell from Galleries of Stone. It’s hard to tell in the photo, but the artist used metallic gold ink for some of the accenting. Gorgeous! Isn’t he too cute?


♦ And if you’re on tumblr, I’d love for you to follow me. A steady stream of art, sketches, news, and inspiration is trickling out each morning. Right now, I’m focusing on the color red for art, and I plan to move on to orange after that. I like to be all thematic like that.

♦ Speaking of art, I caught a kiriban this week! These are a way for artists on sites like deviantART to celebrate their milestones. Because I was able to screencap KuroSy’s profile at the moment she hit 120,000 page views, I won free art. The result is a colored sketch of Milo!

Milo by kuropy

So what’s cluttering up your desktop? Do tell!


2 thoughts on “The Week’s Accumulation xxiv

  1. This week my desktop is covered in shots of my friend and I making faces at my webcam. Fun times. I’ve also got some reference photos for a new-old story that my friend and I are working on writing together.


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