In which I receive an advance copy…

Authorial Endeavor #012. The doorbell rang this afternoon, ending some weeks of gentle suspense. I knew it was getting to be that time, especially when I caught wind of the American Library Association Midwinter Meeting and Exhibits in Seattle this weekend. A small package arrived this afternoon, carrying an ARC (or galley) of The Hidden Deep, Book 2 in the Threshold Series.

Galley, closeupMy heart and stomach are taking turns doing flip-flops, knowing the next installment of the story is out … well, sorta. As I’ve mentioned before, the book’s release date is April 23, 2013. Galleys give buyers, reviewers, and in this case librarians, a sneak peek at what’s new!

So before my book comes out as a shiny, jacketed hardcover book, it comes out as a cheap paperback. One that’ll likely crop up on e-bay, selling for more than its worth (unless you really can’t wait for the street date). At least, that’s what happened with a signed copy of The Blue Door from ALA in Los Angeles last summer.


When an ARC (advance copy) of a book comes out, that’s my last chance to do a read-through and make changes. So I’ll be giving this copy a fine-toothed combing next week. It was fun to quickly riffle through the pages and catch sight of the glossary we added to Book 2, which includes angelic orders and terms … and an ad for Rough and Tumble … and a teaser chapter from Book 3.

The story is continuing!

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