In which I read the fine print…

Authorial Endeavor #011. Over the weekend, I received a small package from my publisher, and at first I was baffled. Why are they sending me a copy of my book? I have copies of my book. Lots of copies. Couldn’t they have sent me something shiny and new? Like the galley for my second book? (I know, I know… I’m an ungrateful wretch.)

At this point, I did the smart thing and read the enclosed note. Author Relations was kind enough to congratulate me because The Blue Door is now in its second printing! This book wasn’t just any copy of my book. It’s a second edition copy!

Of course, I riffled through the thing, checking to see if anything had changed. (The parental equivalent of counting a baby’s fingers and toes?) Everything was where I left it, so I brought the book over to my husband. You see, he was a publisher not so long ago, and he knows all sorts of bookish things. He expertly turned to the copyright page and showed me the fine print.

Second Edition

See that little number? If the one on the far end a one, you have a first edition. If it’s a two, you’re holding a second edition. Ya learn something new every day! And hopefully, you’ll also have a new reason to celebrate. Which is what I’m doing.

Second Edition!

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