In which they shove me in front of a camera…

Authorial Endeavor #008. I’m back from a whirlwind weekend at the San Diego Christian Film Festival, where industry folk gathered in the historic Birch North Park Theater. My table was situated in a beautiful wine-and-gold lobby, just beyond the theater doors. Over the course of the three-day event, attendees dropped by to see what I was about. Many of them were drawn to the illustrations on display and asked if I was an artist!

Even though he was the only non-Threshold Series character on the table, Freydolf did me proud. Many people came over specifically to get a closer look at his canvas! He’s a fine figure of a Pred.

My daughters and I handed out piles of bookmarks and postcards, and I’ve now developed three variations on my story summary. Since I enjoy chatting with people one-on-one, book tables go smoothly. I did get my deer-in-the-headlights moment though. On Saturday (while my hair was doing its best impression of Mayberry’s Aunt Bea and my cough-wracked throat was at its raspiest), I was pulled aside to do an on-camera interview. Bright lights. Microphone. Gorgeous interviewer. PANIC.

Like many a bookworm, I veer toward introversion. With a little more practice, I think my eccentricity will win out over what lingering shyness I possess, but public speaking still gives me a case of the shakes. This was my first time in front of a camera. My knees and I were interested to see how it would go. I’m pleased to report that camerawork is easier than crowd control. Or something. The kind man—who really did say, “In three… two… [silent count of one]…” and pointed at us—assured me that I’ll be an expert in no time. Not much choice. Sink or swim.

I’ll link you if they ever post the interview. It’ll be cringe-worthy for me, but I believe in celebrating everything. Even clumsy beginnings.

Who attended the SDCFF? Oodles of shiny people. The first night kicked off with a VIP reception. We’re talking red carpet, paparazzi, fancy finger foods, and music provided by a lovely young woman with a full-sized harp. The guest list included filmmakers, directors, producers, screenwriters, actors, actresses… several of whom brought their families. Over the course of the weekend, there were film screenings, workshops, panel discussions, and awards. I came home with a very pretty pile of business cards.

I have several follow-up emails to compose this week!

Highlights of the weekend will be handled via quickie list…

  • My agent texted to ask if I’d signed a movie deal for the Threshold Series yet (No, Kyle. Only a couple of nibbles and a multitude of well wishes).
  • One fellow encouraged me to get a table at ComiCon next summer (which would be cool, but they have a waiting list like whoa).
  • I was able to sign a book for a girl named Angel (which I found appropriate).
  • The head of the San Diego Christian Writer’s Guild found me (which will doubtless lead to fun).
  • A gentleman asked for a synopsis of the Threshold Series to pass along to his company’s acquisition team (which I calmly agreed to do).
  • During lulls, my daughters and I raided the Green Room and VIP lounge for fancy nibbles (which brighten the eye and gladden the heart).
  • Fifty copies of The Blue Door are now in the hands of Christians who make their living in creative industries (bless ’em).

All in all, I’m pleased I went, and I’d be even more pleased to return next year.

EDITYou can see the interview I mentioned on YouTube!

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