In which I make headlines…

Authorial Endeavor #005. There’s no substitute for parental publicity, which is why I’m on the front page of my hometown’s newspaper this week. I grew up in a pretty little corner of rural Minnesota, where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and all the… oh, wait. No. Not Lake Wobegon. We’re a little south and east of those folks. I’m originally from Scandia, and proud of it!

The Country Messenger covers happenings in Scandia, Marine on St. Croix, and May Township—my old stomping grounds. My memories of growing up in a small town certainly lend some color to West Edinton, the rural community Prissie Pomeroy calls home in The Blue Door. If you click the picture below, it’ll lead you to the full online article.

Looking forward to getting a hold of the print version! Making the paper made my day!

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