In which an adventure has its beginning…

Authorial Endeavor #004. The big day has arrived! A first among firsts. Today, the first book in my first fiction series has its release. The Blue Door is now available in bookstores everywhere! The hardcover is normally $14.99, but it looks like you can nab it for just $10.98 at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The Kindle edition is $9.99.

Fourteen-year-old Prissie Pomeroy is seeing things. A strange kid sitting in a tree in their orchard. An ornate door in the back of the bookstore. Angels. People she thought she knew aren’t what they seem.

Prissie likes her normal life, even if she has to put up with five brothers. She enjoys her friends and occasional visits from a certain blue-eyed mailman. But her hometown has secrets. A spiritual battle is unfolding, and Prissie has an assigned role to play, one even the angels guarding her do not yet understand.

Gradually, one thing becomes very clear. These angels are at war, and she’s drawing attention from the enemy. Prissie must choose whether or not to play out her part in an unknown plan.

The first of the four-book Threshold Series, The Blue Door involves angels, demons, spiritual warfare, and one girl’s role in a much bigger design.

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