Rough and Tumble: A new story coming this fall…

Rough and Tumble
Since I just finished updating its index page on my site, I thought I’d give a short plug for a new free story I’ll begin posting this fall. The kick-off will coincide with Zondervan’s publication of The Blue Door, the first book in the Threshold Series [Pre-order your copy: hardcover | ebook], in which Prissie Pomeroy discovers that there are angels in her home town.  In Rough and Tumble, you’ll meet Ethan (that’s him on the header), the newest guardian angel on the Pomeroy’s farm, when he’s Sent to watch over Prissie’s rascally younger brother, Zeke.

Story Summary – Zeke Pomeroy’s parents always joked that it would take a miracle for their rough and tumble son to reach adulthood. Unbeknownst to them, that miracle’s name is Ethan. Follow one little boy’s adventures as he turns his guardian angel’s life upside down.
Genres: Supernatural, Comedy, Adventure
Rating: G, appropriate for all ages

Once fully underway, Rough and Tumble will update every weekday (Monday – Friday), and chapters are short enough to read on the fly—just 100 words. To give you an idea what that’ll look like, I’ve posted the first five chapters as a sneak peek.

Look forward to more news as the summer draws to a close!

Rough and Tumble, Copyright © 2012 Christa Kinde, all rights reserved