In which I am complimented on my penmanship…

Authorial Endeavor #001. I’ve just returned from ALA 2012, the annual convention for the American Library Association, where I embarked upon my first official appearance as a newly-minted author. Since my very first job as a teen was shelver in my small town’s one-room library, I rested on honorary laurels and made myself at home.


It’s hard not to gawk when strolling through bibliophile heaven. Publishers who’ve been delighting this bookworm’s heart since early childhood were out in full force—book posters, book bags, book signings, and lets not forget books! Advance release copies (also known as galleys) definitely ranked as everyone’s favorite brand of swag. The convention-savvy came equipped with durable backpacks, steamer trunks, and sherpas.

My own destination was a corner of the HarperCollins booth, where Zondervan was showcasing a tempting array of new titles. Annette Bourland (SVP and Publisher of Zonderkidz) and Sara Merritt (Zonderkidz Marketing) were kind enough to coach me past my book-signing jitters. Even if this was my first go-around, the convention-goers definitely knew the ropes. They cued up with kind words and ready smiles.

Sizeable stacks of The Blue Door, the first book in the Threshold Series, dwindled fast, and I left an indelible mark on each of them… thanks to a trusty black Sharpie. It was fun to meet so many fellow book-lovers. It was flattering to hear that they were looking forward to reading my story. It became rather funny how often people complimented me on my penmanship. I’m still blushing.

Thanks, everyone! Your warm reception made my day!

The Blue Door by Christa Kinde releases in September 2012 from Zonderkidz.

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