Book Two: The Hidden Deep

Threshold Series by Christa Kinde

Book Two: The Hidden Deep

Harvesttime is in full swing when Prissie Pomeroy learns that something terrible happened in her family’s orchard. With school back in session, the rift between Prissie and her friends widens while Ransom and his friends keep getting on her nerves. As Koji and Milo introduce Prissie to the rest of Jedrick’s Flight, she’s drawn increasingly deeper into their world and closer to its dangers. A kidnapped apprentice suffers. A chained door bodes ill. A tiny angel makes a big difference. A battle line is drawn. Everything Prissie thought she knew is about to change… again!

“… well-executed and resonant …” —Kirkus Review

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The Hidden Deep

He was trembling, which frightened Prissie even more than the pitch black. Crouching down, she made herself as small as possible against the tunnel wall. From somewhere in the darkness ahead came a sour note, off-key and unpleasant. She held her breath, listening with all her might. A dull clink was followed by a crunching sound that reminded Prissie uneasily of a barn cat eating a mouse. She cupped her hand around her little passenger and curled more tightly, hiding her face on her knees as her heart sent up a silent plea for help.  —excerpted from The Hidden Deep

Book Reviews
I appreciate those who’ve not only given my story a chance, but have taken the time to put their reactions into words. Thank you for your comments, your compliments, and your critiques! [If you’ve reviewed one of my stories on your blog and it’s not listed here, by all means, link me!]

Kirkus Reviews“While the angels-and-demons subplot is a bit baffling, the more realistic elements of the narrative, such as the scenes that describe Prissie’s struggles with jealousy of the time and attention her father devotes to his bakery assistant, are well-executed and resonant.”

Booklist, Julie Trevelyan – “Prissie has been drawn into a monumental struggle for supremacy between good (angels) and evil (demons) while at the same time trying to navigate the more mundane, yet often equally bewildering, social rules of school and fellow students—particularly a boy named Ransom.”

Clash Entertainment, Review: The Hidden Deep by Christa Kinde, Esther Seim, age 16 – “Christa Kinde really does an excellent job in describing the spiritual realm and the angels within it. Though most of it is obviously fictional, it was cool to be reading it and knowing that angels are actually real, and they very well could be around us. And it was a refreshing break from the usual wizards and warlocks stories, but still had that same factor of excitement and fantasy. Enjoy!”

JeanBookNerd, Review: The Hidden Deep“The style and feel that made the first book such a wonderful read is sustained in the sequel.”

The Christian Manifesto, reviewed by Mary Twomey – “The pacing of the book kept me flipping pages …. Parents can feel good giving this book to their teenagers, knowing that their children will be learning about having faith, as well as being entertained by a fantasy story.” [The overview note made me smile. Pros: Solid push for faith / Cons: The protagonist acts like a thirteen-year-old girl, which she is.]

Christian Fiction Reviews“In this second book, Prissie, a fourteen year old girl is becoming more comfortable with the angels, but is still struggling with the big picture of how God wants to be involved in her life and decision makings.” [Spiritual Content Recommendation Scale: 5/5]

Books, Reviews, Etc.“The author brings out the reader’s imagination. She brilliantly takes boys and girls ages 11-14 on a journey where eternity is hanging by a string … I would recommend this book to the young and the young at heart.  I totally enjoyed it and I’m far from being a tween. This was a good,  clean, fun and imaginative read for anyone.”

5 Responses to Book Two: The Hidden Deep

  1. Dani Rivera says:

    I just finished reading The Blue Door for the I-don’t-know-how-many-eth-at-this-point time. Can’t wait to get the sequel!

    • Quite delighted to hear that! I’m definitely excited for you to get the next part of the story!

      Make sure to sign up for postcards if you haven’t already. Something tells me you’d love ‘em! ✿

  2. Danielle Ulibarri says:

    Ohh! I love these Angels! I wish I could see them like Prissie, she doesn’t know what she’s got right now! I’d be in heaven on earth with those angels following me. I’m a big fan of fictional boys since well, I’m a girl. I think I would have more faith in God if I discovered I could see angels. I wish I had Prissie ability to see angels that I could be friends with my guardian angel. ♥

    • Hello, Danielle!

      It’s a pleasure to know that you’re so fond of these fellows. I’m rather attached myself, but there’s some author-bias there. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm! ✿

  3. Soleil says:

    book review: Continuing the story of Prissie Pomeroy and the angels around her, The Hidden Deep is the second book in the Threshold Series. Insecure in old friendships, Prissie leans on her new friendship with Koji and other new friends. Though when times get tough, will Prissie have the faith to stand through it?

    …But everything is not as it seems, and evil is closer than anyone could imagine.

    The Hidden Deep is a great continuation of the Threshold Series. I couldn’t wait to start reading the second book in this series, and was thankful to have it close by. :) I really enjoyed this book, and again, I couldn’t put it down! It was a great read and I really enjoyed learning more about Prissie, Koji, and Tameas, Prissie’s guardian angel.
    Exciting and you-don’t-want-to-stop-reading book, what could be better?!

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