Short Story: Angels All Around

A Threshold Series prequel by Christa Kinde

Angels All Around

When she was seven years old, Prissie Pomeroy fell in love with the mailman.

Angels and demons collide over West Edinton, a small town where not everyone is what they seem. In this companion story to the Threshold Series, a divine Messenger becomes one little girl’s prince, and a fledgling Guardian becomes their knight.

This story takes readers back seven years to that providential summer day when West Edinton’s brand new mailman introduces himself to the little lady sitting in the gazebo alongside Main Street. What Prissie sees and what’s actually happening are two very different things. For Milo, the newly-grafted Messenger, it’s a lesson in trust that’s shared by Ethan, the beleaguered Guardian who’s Sent to their defense.

Illustrated by Anna Earley ♦ Anna Earley Illustration


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Angels All Around, Final Cover

♦ Read about Bringing Faith to Life through illustrations on Zondervan’s blog. The article includes sneak peeks of the art from Angels All Around!

♦ Did you know there’s a game of hide-and-seek waiting for you in the illustrations for Angels All Around? If you have a sharp eye, you’ll spot a yahavim in each one. In the Threshold Series, these little guys are heaven’s manna-makers … and cute to boot!

♦ “Christa continues to weave a story which will capture your attention and draw you in to the lives of the characters she brings to life in her other books!” —Lynda Freeman’s blog, Grandma’s Cookie Jar

The Cast. Angels All Around is a crossover of sorts, bringing together familiar folks from the Threshold Series and the angels of Rough and Tumble, so let me help you keep all those names sorted out. Quick descriptions. Multiple sketches. Story art.

The Pomeroy Family. At the time of this story, Jayce & Naomi Pomeroy have five children: Tad (11), Neil (9), Prissie (7), Beau (6), and Zeke (1).
Harken Mercer. For all practical appearances, this elderly African-American gentleman is nothing more than the proprietor of a used bookstore. He also happens to be a divine Messenger and Milo’s mentor.
Milo Leggett. The newest Graft in West Edinton, hired by the USPS to deliver mail. It’s an apt position considering he’s also an angelic Messenger.
Ethan. The pink-winged protagonist from Rough and Tumble, this young warrior is Zeke Pomeroy’s guardian angel.
Conrad. This expert swordsman is Ethan’s mentor. He handled his young apprentice’s training. Ethan benefits from Conrad’s experience, expertise, and back-up.
Trumble. When several guardians pull together to protect an area, they’re referred to collectively as a Hedge. Trumble is the highest ranking Guardian in the Pomeroys’ Hedge, making him their informal leader. This acrobatic warrior’s weapon is a staff with fan-shaped blades on each end.
Othniel. Currently the largest member of the Pomeroys’ Hedge, this experienced mentor has a mane of red hair and a gravely voice.
Taweel. The burly, purple-winged swordsman we first glimpse in The Blue Door. He’s mentor to Prissie’s guardian angel. If you’re wondering where Omri is, the little guy’s probably riding on top of Taweel’s head, laying low in that thicket of wild, black hair!
Lucan. An intimidating warrior who fights with two swords. He’s Naomi Pomeroy’s guardian angel and apprenticed to Othniel. His slow smile and welcoming manner endear him to each of the Guardians who joined the Hedge while Naomi was expecting their charges.
Jedrick. This Protector is the captain of the Flight to which Milo belongs. Since he’s responsible for all the angels on his team, it makes complete sense for him to charge to his Messenger’s rescue, sword at the ready.
Tycho. This Protector is also a Flight captain. He’s responsible for Conrad and Ethan, and his team often responds to the needs of the Pomeroys’ Hedge. They’re expert archers, one and all.
Garrick & Yannis. Two of the archers from Tycho’s Flight and good friends of Ethan’s. There’s a staggering age difference, yet these guys look enough alike to be mistaken for one another. The standing joke is that Yannis learned his lessons too well! Mentor and apprentice are virtually indistinguishable.


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